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    It's had to simmer to prepare for the launch that is worldwide, and it shows. A lot of the game is polished -- from gameplay to performance -- with minimal or no bugs and dialogue errors. To get a Korean game, that's impressive. Where it falls short with presentation is perhaps the soundtrack, which doesn't do anything to elevate the experience, as well as the in-game music system has produced better music from gamers rather than Nexon themselves.

    Among the game's best features is User Generated Content hub or the UGC program. From a click of a button on the UI, you can get the UGC Workshop and get started generating. Create what? Well players can make their own designs and set them on everything, and we mean everything. To mounts and even housing decor, your own designs could shine in MapleStory 2 and if the community thinks its good. You can sell your items in the in-game cash shop to make yourself premium currency!

    This is a superb way to diversify player targets in-game, and also lets the creative folks shine and pursue the things that they like to perform, and get rewarded for it. The cool part about this is actually seeing your layouts outside in the world that is open. Housing plots which may be bought in primary city hubs by gamers usually feature their own designs, posters and much more, which adds a layer of uniqueness into the game.

    Player housing is an awesome feature for MMOgo to own, particularly when they get it directly. Think of games which have great housing systems, and odds are it is a count-on-one-hand list, however now you can add MapleStory 2 to it. You get a house free since you level up, and may then begin collecting a lot of decoration items to personalize your house. The Build style is update exceptional, as you can customize everything once Maple 2 Items you've picked what you wanted from a menu that largely resembles the Buy and Build mode of The Sims games.

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